Stop The Band

Did you ever think about trying out a new song with a small audience before breaking it to your fan-base? Wouldn't it be good to know if that tune still needed a little work?

Working on the next great novel? Wouldn't it be great to test out the first chapter with a small group to get some reaction before writing the next 200 pages?

The same applies to speakers to test out that opening joke or for artists to get a reaction to a new piece before doing your limited edition run or submitting it to a gallery.

And the great thing is; after the audience test is done, your content comes down. Only the few people you allowed in will know about it. So, if you're performance needs; shall we say, a little refinement. No one will be able to link back to your "rough draft" because it's gone, removed, deleted from the site.

What kind of content can you test? You can use videos to test musical performances, speeches, comedy acts, dramatic acting, new plays or commercials. You can use audio files such as MP3 files to test songs or spoken works such as voice-overs or audio book narrations. You can use photos to test artwork, canvases, drawings, sculptures, book or album cover art and photographs (of course). You can use text to test out writing concepts, book chapters, short stories, and scripts.

How do you get feedback? You'll get feedback by asking the audience to leave comments. You can prompt them to leave a comment in certain portions of your work. For instance, if you're testing comedy material, you could ask for a comment after a joke.

So, who gets to see your new baby? You get to invite anyone you like; your trusted super-fans, close friends, your cronies, or your mom. We usually suggest an audience size from a handful up to thirty people, but it could be larger.  Remember, the point is to get enough feedback without giving it to the whole world.

What about security to keep out the riffraff? We can provide your test audience with any one of three levels of security. #1. The simplest is a not-so-easy-to-remember link. So it would be hard to communicate to others verbally. #2. The next level up is the hard link plus a complicated password that all of the audience members would use. #3 This level requires each audience member to enter a unique username and password and only one person with those credentials would be able to login at a time. That discourages sharing of login info. 

How long would your work be online? It's any amount of time you like but we recommend somewhere in the range of 1 hour to 12 hours. For most types of tests, that's enough exposure to learn what you need to learn.

You want to try it out? Well, hold on just a minute. Guess what, we're trying it out right now. So, the only way in at the moment is by invitation. If you know someone who has used StopTheBand.com then ask them to contact us and we'll be in touch - probably under a streetlight at midnight. You know, cuz we're stealthy that way.


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